How is it done? How is a KAP class conducted?

In KAP, the energy is activated by a trained facilitator, either in a group setting (a KAP class) or in a private session (the set-up is the same as during a KAP class, with the addition that you get my full attention throughout the whole session). I, as KAP facilitator, begin by explaining how the class works and also do a demonstration on one or two participants to bring the energy into the room. During this introduction to the class, there is also the opportunity to ask questions.

The energy transmission itself involves, as a participant, lying on a yoga mat, closing your eyes and relaxing to loud, mostly very rhythmic and often quite intense music. The music is important in KAP – partly it enhances the emotions, partly it helps many to let go even more. During a KAP class, it is common for strong emotional expressions to arise, and with the music you feel a little more protected. The music is also laid out as a journey through the whole class, where you go through different stages.

I, as KAP facilitator, transmit energy to you by moving my hands above you and intuitively touching or pressing certain chakra or meridian points on your body. You just have to relax, surrender to the process without expectations and embrace whatever comes your way. KAP is not about knowing or performing. KAP is a very natural and safe process where the energy transmission takes place by surrendering to the process and letting go; it cannot be forced by willpower. KAP is therefore called the path of surrender, i.e. a way to let go of control and be totally present in what is.

The actual energy transmission during a KAP class lasts 60 or 90 minutes. Afterwards, you are invited to share your experience in a few words, if you want – which I highly recommend as it is usually beneficial for the integration process. Also, listening to what other participants experienced during the class can help you understand or even remember your own experience. Moreover, it is always very fascinating to hear the (often very wide) range of experiences during the same KAP class.

In total, a class lasts about two or two and a half hours (depending on the length of the energy transmission).

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