What can I experience during a KAP class?

How one reacts to the energy is very individual. Nothing is better or worse. It can also be very different from time to time.

  • The vast majority of people feel the energy moving through the body in some way – from subtle involuntary muscle contractions to larger uncontrolled movements. Many do different forms of backbends with the body and experience twitches or shakings in different body parts during the class. Some move to a sitting position or even a standing one (still with eyes closed all the time). Others perform graceful hand movements (so-called mudras) which they might have never used before. The fact that the body can start moving on its own during a KAP class may sound strange and perhaps even a bit scary, but it’s rather fascinating, beautiful and, above all, incredibly liberating. The movements that can occur are always completely spontaneous, i.e. you as a participant do not control them with willpower. At the same time, you are constantly aware of what you are doing and can therefore stop them at any time if you so wish. You may also get an impulse that you want to do a certain movement; if so, you should follow it.
  • Many also find that KAP is a redeeming experience through which emotions are released. You may start laughing, crying, screaming, roaring, singing or making other spontaneous sounds. Whatever arises, let it arise and be expressed. Don’t hold back.
  • Some see colours, shapes, lights, images or visions and receive information.
  • Some experience an expansion of consciousness.
  • Others feel a state of bliss or that it is like coming home to their true essence.

That being said, each person’s experience of and journey through a KAP class is unique. So there’s no point in comparing yourself to others. Simply trust that you get and experience exactly what you need right then and there.

It may be worth mentioning that 10-20% might not feel anything at all during their first class(es), but this does not mean that they are not receptive to the energy. Even these people report about life-changing experiences in their everyday life – and that is what is important. Everyone is more or less sensitive to the energy, it’s just a matter of time. Some people need more time than others to become activated and to feel the energy during a KAP class.

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