Why practise KAP?

With continued exposure to the KAP energy, a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system takes place. Based on what I have experienced myself and what other participants have testified to over the years, you can expect to experience one or more of the following effects when regularly practising KAP:

  • You become more clear-sighted and gain increased mental clarity.
  • All that you experience with your senses becomes stronger, more intense.
  • Your intuition is strengthened, you hear it more clearly and find it easier to act in line with it. Eventually, your intuition becomes impossible to ignore.
  • Thanks to KAP, you start to live life more in ease and flow.
  • KAP supports you in your personal development by being able to be authentic, step into your power, stand in your truth and set loving boundaries for yourself.
  • Your yes and no become clearer, as if there is no longer an in-between. There simply are fewer grey areas in your life.
  • Instead of feeling that life is hitting you, you increasingly feel that you are a co-player in your own life.
  • You become less attached to your thoughts and emotions.
  • At the same time, you strengthen your ability to feel more – both in terms of the most positive and the most challenging emotions. You get a richer emotional register. Allowing yourself to actually feel is a beautiful thing, rather than locking yourself up in a prison of non-feeling, of emotional numbness. Since there is also a component of non-duality in KAP, your ability to maintain equanimity and to remain present, regardless of the strength of the emotional expressions, is simultaneously enhanced. So, in practical terms, what happens with continued exposure to KAP is that you can feel stronger positive emotions but also have the capacity to face tougher negative ones, in ways you haven’t experienced before, but you’re not attached to the emotions and most of all you’re not at their mercy.
  • You can more easily free yourself from old programmings with which you have identified yourself all your life.
  • You let go more easily of what is not yours to carry and of what no longer serves you.
  • You dissolve energetic blockages in your body, stagnant energy that is stuck. KAP is like an emotional and physical detox. Just like we have a muscle memory, we have an emotional memory. KAP has the ability to release blockages in both the muscle memory and the emotional memory. But without the need to understand exactly what you are letting go of, because it doesn’t matter. It’s just energy that has been stuck in your system for various reasons and that you benefit from getting rid of.
  • You end up connecting with yourself on a deeper level. It may feel as if you are meeting yourself for the first time. Many people describe a KAP class as a moment of profound insight, thanks to which they recognise their true essence beyond ego and separation.
    • This is what KAP is ultimately about – expanding your consciousness to experience how everything is connected on a deeper level, that you are ONE with everything (non-duality). So KAP is not primarily intended for healing, although KAP definitely has that effect as well.
    • As you practise KAP and increasingly bring yourself to relax and surrender, you find a sense of freedom from objects and things, freedom from all the small and narrow identifications that you used to call β€œI”. What you find in return is an atmosphere of inner freedom, liberation, and relief – a relief from the pain that often comes with identifying with a series of things that keep coming and going. This feeling of infinite freedom grows stronger the more you practise KAP and the closer you get to your true essence.


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