What is KAP?

KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process. I choose to begin by emphasising the word process because KAP is not only about what happens during a KAP class, but just as much (if not more!) about what happens afterwards, between classes, and sometimes even before a KAP class (because the energy can already start working at the time of booking). So then, what exactly is KAP?

KAP is an embodied direct energy transmission that on the one hand activates the awakening of your kundalini energy (a so-called kundalini awakening) and on the other hand connects you to Source (or the Universe, All-that-is, God – call it what you will).

So in KAP there are two transmissions going on at the same time:

  • One is a direct transmission of raw kundalini (life force) that gently awakens the kundalini energy in you.
    • Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled one” and refers to our life force / glow / inner fire / the source of our creative and sexual power / the primordial power that we all have dormant within us. In the Indian yoga tradition, this energy is said to lie dormant like a coiled serpent at the base of our spine, at our root chakra, ready to be activated and, when that happens, move around the body like a serpent.
    • KAP activates this awakening in you, the only thing you as a participant need to do is surrender. Unlike other kundalini practices such as kundalini yoga or breathwork, you do not force an activation of the kundalini energy in KAP – there is no self-generating force or willpower involved. KAP is the path of surrender, not the path of will. It’s a descending life force from Source so the energy comes from above, in through your crown chakra, and then works its way down through your body towards your root chakra where it activates your own kundalini energy. Then the energy gradually builds up in your body and once you have gotten the energy flow started – which you will by attending KAP classes – the energy eventually starts to flow both ways. This creates a more powerful but gradual awakening process than most people have ever experienced and is often described as very natural.
    • As already mentioned, KAP is not controlled by willpower, i.e. neither I as a KAP facilitator nor you as a participant decide where the energy should go. It goes where it needs to go for you, right then and there.
    • Furthermore, your system only lets in as much energy as you can handle. So KAP is a very kind and gentle practice where the energy with its intelligence gives you just as much as you are ready to open up to at that particular moment, no more and no less. It all depends on what you need then and there.
    • The more you expose yourself to the energy, the deeper the energy will be able to work in you. Therefore, I recommend you – if you are curious about KAP – to attend more than one KAP class, preferably a handful at least, to be able to “evaluate” the experience and effect of KAP.
  • The other transmission that occurs in KAP is one of a deep state of non-dual consciousness through which you reach the deep realisation that you are ONE with everything and that we are all actually ONE (oneness).
    • Spiritual, and especially mystical, traditions in both East and West refer to this deep insight as non-duality, and most spiritual leaders and mystics have arrived at it through a technique called self-enquiry (in simple terms it is a direct way to explore the SELF, to go deeper into ourselves, to get in touch with who we really are by repeating the question β€œWho am I?”).
    • Thanks to KAP, you have the opportunity to experience non-duality without going through self-enquiry. Instead, you can access it through direct transmission of Source energy.
    • So this is another way in which KAP is different from any classic kundalini practice since it goes beyond just kundalini.
    • Although during a KAP class you can undergo deep healing and have strong experiences on a spiritual level, the main purpose of KAP is the embodiment of Source energy within you and the shifts this brings about in your consciousness, and thus in your life after / between KAP classes.

So it is this specific and unique blend of raw kundalini and non-duality, embodied in you via KAP, that makes KAP so intensely transformative and thus also effective in changing your life – for the better!

  • The fact that KAP is an embodiment practice means that the energy transmission that takes place in KAP is experienced throughout and anchored into your physical body, that the energy flows through your entire energy system. Both the upper and lower energy centres of the body (so-called chakras) are reached. It is what makes this energy transmission so powerful.
    • Chakra is Sanskrit and means wheel. In yogic philosophy, one talks about these wheels of swirling energy in the body which can be seen as generators that regulate, store and supply the body with life force energy.
    • According to yogic philosophy, it is not possible to feel well and be healthy if these energy centres are not in balance.
  • An energy transmission that does not reach the lower chakras of the body but only the upper ones can lead to confusion, because you can have a spiritual and out-of-body experience but then return to a life where nothing has changed because you are not grounded. In order to bring the inner experiences into this physical world and create real change in your life, you need the connection both up (to the upper chakras that connect you to deeper / higher consciousness) and down (to the lower chakras that ground you).
  • The signature of the KAP lineage and its founder Venant Wong is that practitioners generally go through this awakening while also staying connected to their bodies and this world. This embodied and grounded method of energy transmission is what Venant conveys to us KAP facilitators to ensure a safe and powerful energy transmission through which you as a participant typically move through your kundalini awakening while remaining grounded. That is one of the reasons why Venant chooses his students very carefully.

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