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Update April 2024

Wonderful that you’ve found your way here! To begin with, I want to say that I previously marketed my classes under the KAP brand, but now I choose to give myself the possibility to increasingly follow my own flow and to step even more into my own sovereign power by leaving the KAP brand and letting my classes carry my own brand — Unleash Unlock. More freedom. More space for my creativity and my intuition.

My website does not yet reflect this change, i.e. the references to KAP remain as I am currently out on a long travel adventure and will not have the opportunity to update the website until I am back in Stockholm this summer.

I want to emphasise that the energy in my classes remains the same (it comes from Source and is universal), the power of the transformative journey as well, as is the case for the magical experience during the energy transmissions themselves. In other words, if you’ve been to my classes before, you’ll recognise them. Warm welcome!

Do you want to feel more alive? Are you curious to experience all the colours, tastes and smells of life more intensely? Are you looking for a way to connect more deeply with and live in harmony with your intuition? Are you ready and willing to let go of the baggage of trauma and emotional wounds that you may have been carrying around and (unconsciously) holding on to for too long? Are you tired of maintaining façades in your life, hiding behind masks and presenting only a polished surface to others? Are you deep down a seeker who wants to truly get to know yourself? Do you have a longing to not only understand but also experience who you really are? Do you sometimes have a sense that there is something greater that is YOU than the outer earthly self that you and others identify you with, than the physical person that you and others can see and feel? Do you harbour a secret dream of finding home to your true essence?

If only one of these questions resonated with you, KAP is probably for you. And if all the questions did, KAP is definitely something you should try! In that case, you could actually stop reading here and instead book a spot at a KAP class with me 🙂

But of course, it can also be both helpful and fruitful to understand in advance – on a mind level – more or less what you are getting yourself into if you choose to try KAP, as it is a practice that is probably unlike any other that you may have practised before. It is therefore perfectly fine, even both healthy and natural, to be a little sceptical about KAP before you have experienced it for yourself.

Briefly described, KAP is a direct transmission of life force energy and non-dual states of consciousness. It activates the awakening of your kundalini energy (life force / inner fire) and makes you experience being ONE with everything (non-duality). During a KAP class, you lie down on a yoga mat with your eyes closed. Loud (mostly very rhythmic) music is played and I, as a facilitator, touch or press some chakra and meridian points on your body and move my hands above your body to awaken your kundalini energy and release energetic blockages in your body. That’s it. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story…

Below I will, as best I can, try to explain in more words what KAP is, why you should practise KAP, how a KAP class works, what you can expect to experience during a class, how to best prepare for a class and what you should think about afterwards. But always remember that it is difficult to explain KAP in words.

KAP cannot really be described. KAP must be experienced.

So regardless of whether you answered yes to one or all of the introductory questions, I would like to invite you to explore KAP with me. Because in the end, you need to dare to try it in order to be able to decide for yourself if it’s something for you. You can’t simply read about KAP to understand its magic and its power.

You are most welcome to explore KAP with me if you are curious!


What is KAP?

KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process. Click the button below to read more about KAP.

Why practise KAP?

Continued exposure to the KAP energy will change your life! Read more about the positive effects of KAP.

How is it done?

In KAP, the energy is activated by a trained facilitator, either in a group setting or in a private session.

Experiences during a class

How one reacts to the energy is very individual. It can also be very different from time to time.

Preparations before a class

You don’t need any previous KAP experience to participate in a class but here are some good things to know.

After a KAP class

I have gathered some good things that you can keep in mind after you have participated in a KAP class.

About me

I am a spiritual seeker who is on an exciting journey of self-discovery and exploration of the magic and mysteries of life. To be honest, I have no idea where this very transformative journey of inner development will take me, but what I do know for sure is that I am currently both embracing and very much enjoying this ride into the unknown.


Strong and transformative. A fantastic experience in a beautiful venue under the guidance of loving and inspiring facilitators. I experienced deep relaxation, release of blockages and sadness, and increased energy and vitality.

Woman, KAP first timer

Thank you so much for a magical experience. I am so incredibly grateful that I found you and this class. Wow, what an energy! It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Already looking forward to the next time.

Woman, KAP first timer

I felt very safe with both of you and although before the class I was both nervous and also a little sceptical, you helped me find the courage to try and to surrender. The experience for me was very physical and I’ve never experienced anything like it. My body did exactly what it wanted and I couldn’t do anything but go along with the amazing roller coaster of emotions. Afterwards, I have felt at a higher frequency than for a long time and it feels like tensions in my body have released. I’m really looking forward to the next time, thank you!

Woman, KAP first timer

I have attended Cecilia’s KAP classes for four consecutive weeks this fall. It has all been beauty and grace. I have really felt good afterwards. It feels like my eyes are opening up more and more thanks to Cecilia’s KAP classes. I have felt deep emotions that I never thought could surface in me as I felt frozen with frozen eyes before. Merci beaucoup!

Man, KAP fourth timer

What an amazing morning I had today! I felt such an incredible sense of freedom during the class. Everything felt so natural. Best movement and dance session ever! Cecilia is a delicate soul who moves like an angel or a fairy. Feather-light, feminine and beautiful! I am so incredibly grateful for all the energy transfer and initiation.

Ildikó Agneström, KAP first timer

Cecilia is like a clear laughing spring of sparkling fresh water. She embraces her divine feminine energy and channels that energy to flow through me as I participate in her KAP class. Its softness allows deep and powerful processing to happen in me. The process is still unfolding days after the class. I am touched and grateful for the experience and will come back for more.

Noa Fridmark, KAP first timer

For me, KAP opens up the flow. That flow that is me, in my rawest and truest essence. KAP helps me see clearly, through and beyond the veils of this reality. It’s like I’m pulsating to the beat of the entire universe. Uninhibited, in pure love.

Johanna Skantze, experienced KAP practitioner

Cecilia invites you to a welcoming and held space in her KAP session. I felt embraced and safe to be in the flow of energy and to surrender to all the feelings that wanted to emerge. I can warmly recommend Cecilia’s sessions, she holds an amazingly loving space.

Annacarin, experienced KAP practitioner

Cecilia is a fantastic channel of energy. This was the second time I attended a KAP class, but the first time with Cecilia. I felt the energy flow through me with a force I had never felt before, especially when Cecilia touched me. Before we started, I was a little nervous and sceptical about not feeling anything, just like the time before, but once the music started, my body did. That feeling and the high frequency were felt in my body for days after the class. I have been into spirituality for many years, but this was an amazing experience, it felt like I was letting go of old things – like an energy building from the toes and coming out through the mouth, liberating! I look forward to continuing to attend Cecilia’s classes. I can warmly recommend this warm and honest human being who spreads light around her with such energy! Thank you, Cecilia!

Pablo Bauman, KAP second timer

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